Night Watch: Hayley & Téa

EXT. scaffolding – EVENING
Legs swinging, they gaze at the ground from decade old scaffolding. Construction on Chatelaine was delayed, which was nothing new. Their arms poke through the banister, their jumpsuits cling to their sweaty bodies, their bodies weary from exhaustion. 
(Wipes sweat from forehead)
Shit, it’s hot.
HAYLEY (17) loosens her collar. Téa (18) removes her cap and pours water onto her face. A whistle is heard from below.
(Licks lips)
Afternoon Ladies…
The man makes an obscene gesture towards his crotch. Téa flips him off,  Hayley ignores him. he disappears down the pavement. 
ext. street
A patrol car sits outside House #47.
TÉA’S POV: Squinting, she traces the outline of the cop car with her index finger.
They’ve been out there for what, an hour now?
They watch as the officer’s sit in their car, staring at the monitor hoisted on their dashboard.
What do you think they’re here for?
Doubt it; paid my parking ticket last week.
(Kicks the air)
– Haven’t been on the radar since then.
The engine shuts off, both car doors swing open, and the officers make their way up the cobblestone veranda to House #47.
– Alright, if they pick her up you owe me five bucks. Ten if it’s a death notice and twenty if it’s a stop and frisk.
Why does the stop and frisk get twenty?
– Because it’s almost never just a stop and frisk. Girls ‘round here are always gettin’ more than they bargained for.
Téa pops open box of chocolate milk by her side.
Her son’s been missing for a while. Maybe he got into some bad shit.
I’ll take that bet.
(Takes a swig)
Leon’s a good kid. He’ll never see the light of day behind bars. Count on it. But Ms. Porter, she’s a viper, strikes when you least expect it, always in it for the kill.
They watch as one officer rings the doorbell. A heavy set woman opens the front door.
Here we go.
One officer pulls out a note pad, the other strikes a conversation with Ms. Porter.
No handcuff so far, looks like we’re both out five bucks.
You never had five bucks anyway.
The officer returns to his car.
I don’t think it’s a stop and frisk.
mhmm, See, that’s where you’re wrong.
Their squad car, parked, stopped right there. At the door, that one’s frisked her twice over with her eyes.
That’s bull shit. They haven’t even touched her. It’s been ten minutes. If they were gonna frisk her, they would have done it already.
The officer at the door nods, bids Ms. Porter farewell. He returns to the squad car. They hear the roar of the car engine.
So now what?
We wait. If she runs, we’re goin’ to Vegas. fugitive warrants don’t come cheap.
They watch as a heavy set figure moves furiously around the house.
Hours pass. Téa fidgets, stretches her legs.
It’s gettin’ late.
– I’m gonna pack it in.
What? No, not until we find out why she’s tramping around the house like Slim Shady.
Use your imagination, it’s got us this far. Plus,
(Leans over edge of scaffolding)
This isn’t the first time the cops been ‘round here asking questions, and it won’t be the last.
They watch as the figure continues to shuffle inside the house. Téa gather’s her things.
God knows if she’s even committed a crime. She could have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time, seen something she wasn’t supposed to.
The figure stops moving abruptly, peers out the window. Hayley ducks, Téa stands rigid. The figure then disappears behind a sheath of curtains.
Satisfied, Téa advances to the left of scaffolding, Hayley follows suit, appears beside her. Together, they descend to the ground.

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