Music, In Review: Leo Stannard

Bold, guitar in hand, he doesn’t falter. On his debut EP, Leo Stannard tightens the heart strings with “Notions”, a vessel that bleeds no longer. His album is one that springs forth maturity, caressing ideals of love, heartache, and ongoing reprieve.

Leo Stannard

Leo Stannard

Hailing from Leicester, England, the forthright nineteen year old is, without a doubt, the latest British export to dive headfirst into the tidal music scene, briskly floating on a life raft filled with emotional baggage. Among others, he marks Kings of Leon and Paolo Nutini as his foremost influences – originality after all, is inevitably spawned from a distilled shadow. In other words, Leo emulates a groove reminiscent of another up and coming Brit counterpart, singer- songwriter Lewis Watson. In his debut single “Stay”, Lewis implores his lover to desire, with caution, or detest, with barred acquiescence, against his tormented devotion much like Leo does in “Why Don’t We”.

Granted, there is a blunt honesty in Leo’s lyrics that creeps lowly underneath jaded tones and swooning acoustics.

He slaps the strings as if he’s got something to say, something he hasn’t said already. His voice, shaking with anguish, beckons the listener to relate until we choose not to let go.

Crooning for reparation on “Notions”, he speaks mostly of the advent of heartache and the agonizing solace that follows afterwards.

Leo Stannard

Leo Stannard

Standout Tracks:

The album opener “Please Don’t” surfaces coolly like desolation after a break up, “I’ve been trying to deviate/ now we just don’t feel the same”. Upon reflection, “Pull yourself together/Don’t wait”, reminisce, but, “Please don’t turn your life into me”.

On “Why don’t We”, he cries of finding that special place and just immersing yourself within it. “Cause we don’t have to leave here/ there’s nobody waiting/Why don’t we? Cause I found my place now where I can go”, a safe haven with endless possibilities.


“Notions EP” is out now.



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