Music, In Review: LIGHTS

A departure from her former record, floor busting Pop smash “Siberia” (2011), LIGHTS surges to life on her fourth LP “Little Machines”.



The Toronto based singer songwriter traded in her dubstep Chucks for a lighter, sleeker electronic sound evident by the creeping album opener, “Portal”. Reminiscent of her earlier intergalactic debut “The Listening” (2009), “Portal” glides like a soft surge, while mid- album tracks like “Slow Down” dances to a groovier rhythm.

Standout Tracks:

On “Running with the Boys” LIGHTS sings of tales of adventure while lingering on youthful nostalgia “We were kind of feral, wicked little machines/Captains and Cavalries forming empires in the shade of the trees” before diving into an limitless a world “Suspicion wasn’t in our heads/ it was only underneath the beds/Saline eyes didn’t have to hide/they were always open way too wide”. If ever there was a single for the 1985 film “The Goonies” soundtrack, “Running with the Boys” would be a definite treasure.

“Speeding” flourishes on the record like a car on high octane. Blissfully lyrical, “Speeding cause it feels good to be movin’ on/sleep is for the weary/I’m not slowin’ down/ And when the record is done I’ll put another one on/Speeding ‘cause it feels good”. The song speaks towards moving forward, leaving what was in the past behind, “the world in the rear-view mirror doesn’t shake me/I haven’t looked back there lately” and embracing the present fully.

Invigorating as the track is, its magnetism lies in its ability to be lyrically autonomous yet the beat seems glittered with a heavy synth evocative of dark melancholia.



Pounding like a heartbeat “Oil and Water” delves into the inevitable separation of two entities; two individuals who are unable to remain cohesive due to the inherent nature of their circumstance. A separation that is both physical, “And we separate/ nothing is the same forever/ see you drive away/ wish I could make you stay”, and emotional, “Kicking, screaming, softly speaking, near apart in ways/We’ll go wander, oil and water always separate”. This is perhaps one of the few tracks on the album that is, sonically, carried solely on the rhythm of the drums – a beat that is, dually, poignant and captivating.

A luminous companion for any dismal road adventure, “Little Machines” is out now.



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